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February 2012

I don't know if doing this helps anyone, last time I think that more people viewed a post I'd never linked to than January's index.  Still, I like the idea of having a means of chronological navigation that falls between the ones that came with the blog.  (Those being the history on the sidebar which only tells you the title of the post, and the blog itself in which you're faced with entire posts.)  So, here's everything from February, acompanied by actual descriptions of what it all is.

General Stories:
The Mermaid War: Initial thoughts and brainstorming - The Bronze age collapse represented the end of of almost every existing civilization, what little survived barely did so having been nearly destroyed.  One of the only clues are references to the "Sea Peoples".  Clearly, mermaids did it.  But what does that mean?  And how do mermaids fight on land?  Were they steampunk Atlantians?  Nereids led by Thetis enraged at the loss of her son?  Did they have tentacles?
Kicked out of magic land ending in general, and Narnia in particular - Just a bit about the ending in which one saves a strange and wonderful land and is then forced to return to earth, and how Narnia's ending might have avoided that.
Dreamer's Flight - Story idea - You know how people make replicas of the bridge of the enterprise or whatnot?  Basically a story around the idea that someone did that with a firefly from Firefly, and then, in order to escape something, people actually used it to fly away.
Who, Whom, and Wings - I bumped into a writing prompt in which you were to have a strange patient at , amoung other options, a vet and use "Who" and "Whom" correctly.
Twister Rewrites - My way is better.  Just sayin'.
Reader self insert character meeting a traitor alone - In response to a couple of unrelated conversations I wrote this snippet in which someone who finds themselves transported into a book they're familiar with confronts a traitor alone and unarmed.

General Twilight based stuff:
Bella's mother is not like a lobster - Bella describes her mother.
Prattle - How do you know this isn't what Jessica is saying?  You don't.  You don't know because Bella doesn't pay attention.
On Moneyball and Breaking Dawn - I saw the two placed side by side, I compared what I know of them.
Masquerade Burlesque: Explanation for using a Truck as an Umbrella - "Masquerade Burlesque" is the term that's been thought up for the idea suggested here.  This is Alice explaining why she carried the truck to someone who isn't on the game.

Edith and Ben stuff:
Not Paying Attention - Sometimes Ben takes in as little of what Jesse says as Bella does of what Jessica says, but the reason is different.
Save Yourself - Given the option, Edith would rather place herself at greater risk if it meant less risk to Ben, and Ben would rather place himself at greater risk if it meant less risk to Edith.  This can lead to disagreements.
Words, Music, and a Trip to the Nurse in the Middle - Edith walks Ben to the Nurse's office, they talk about words like whither and whence.  Ben meets with the Nurse.  Edith gives him a ride home and they talk about music.
Erica and Scraped Hands - Erica notices that Ben has scraped up his hands.
Charlize tells Ben about the Truck - from earlier in the story than the rest, this is when Ben finds out that his mother bought him a truck.
Metapost: Some thoughts on Rape - I'm not putting rape in the story, but Edith has spent more than a lifetime hearing thoughts, she's got to have experience with it, and I've thought about how she deals with it.

Snarky Twilight stuff:
Post Nurse Parking Lot Part 1 - Edward is supposed to grab Bella by the clothes and drag her across a parking lot, Bella goes off script.
Post Nurse Parking Lot Part 2 - The immediately following scene, in which Bella explains to Edward that she really, truly, does not have to put up with his crap.
Discovery of the Tardis Truck - One of many, many things that happened to Bella, and her truck, in the lack of time between the two preceding scenes.
Lauren, Bella, and the Truck - Strangest thing, if you decide to make a truck into a Tardis, you quickly find uses for it.  Anyway, Lauren got ripped off (as related only in the official illustrated guide) and it seemed like she could use some help getting back on her feet. (Takes place during New Moon.)
Lauren, Bella, and the Bank Job - Did I mention that Lauren was ripped off for a lot of money.  About 30% of the median annual household income?  How is she going to get that back?  Bella has the obvious answer: Rob a bank.  (Likewise takes place during New Moon.)
Alice and the Truck - Alice was supposed to take the truck to Bella after Edward compelled and coerced Bella into his car.  Bella was not compelled, so Alice comes by to ask if she can take the truck to to Bella anyway.

From my slow trek through .hack//Sign:
Episode 1:
 Meeting More People - Tsukasa plays wrong for fun, Bear, BT, and Subaru make their first appearances
 Something is Wrong Here - Tsukasa realizes he can't log out, a conversation between Mimiru and him goes very wrong.
 In which I argue with a disembodied voice - Tsukasa reflects on his situation, a disembodied voice speaks, I point out that everything she says here is false, the Guardian shows up and does the impossible, Tsukasa comes to terms with being unable to log out, and we get our first glimpse of the real world.
Why Me? - A general post, not tied to any specific thing in the show, about why Tsukasa was chosen
Episode 2:
 Responsibility - Bear and Mimiru talk about Tsukasa, I talk about responsibility and how their conversation relates to that.

From my slow trek through Deus Ex:
Training Part Seven: Killing people with Sheep - Working my way ever so slowly through Deus Ex's training mission, I learn to use explosives.

A Poem My Dad Wrote:
John, Pete, and the Elephant (Difference between Man and Elephant)

Other stuff:
Does this exist? (Text Analysis and Manipulation Software) - Apparently not.  I asked about several different things, one was a morphological search and replace (So if you wanted to replace every instance of swim with walk it would automatically replace "swam" with "walked", "have swum" with "have walked", and so on.)  Another was software to identify what nouns modifiers went with so you could collect every adjective used to modify, say, Chloe.  Another was pronoun matching, and this is starting to be an overlong description, so I'll stop now.
I have a headache, also a cat, the two are unrelated - Some of the stuff going on at the Slacktiverse was stressful, I shared a picture of my cat.
Concerning myself, my lack of job, and my mental state - About how things are for me, dealing with the effects of depression.
If I had 4,000 dollars - But I don't.  So I will not be going to Greece and will not earn college credit from Harvard.  Oddly, a not insignificant number of people run searches for 4000 dollars.  I have no idea why, but I see them in the traffic sources.
In Loving Memory of My Camera - I lost my camera.  The poor thing.
What I've been doing for the past week - After a week without posts, I tried to explain what I was doing, down the products I was using to make the plastic pieces for the Rubik's cube like puzzles I was making, without specifically saying what the final outcome was intended to be.  I still haven't finished, by the way.

Blog Business:
Now you can give me money - See the donate button on the upper right side?  That's basically all that post was about.

I include this only for reasons of completeness because it is no longer relevant:
If you're going to buy Twilight, now is the time - There was a sale, it's over now.


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