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Aliens vs. Antichrist, initial thoughts and some dialog

[Originally posted at Slacktivist in two parts, initial thoughts here, the story fragment here.]
[In response to the Slacktivist post in which Fred Clark postulated that if PMD beliefs were true, and aliens existed, and aliens learned that PMD beliefs were true, the aliens would have to prevent the Apocalypse from coming to pass on earth in the interests of self preservation, as it means the end of the entire universe.  Thus he sees them trying to stop the Antichrist, or possibly trying to blow up the earth.]

Would the aliens be trying to stop the Antichrist?  God is the one who plans to kill them all the Antichrist seems content to take over earth and leave the aliens alone.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that.  Now if they came down and found Nicolae they probably wouldn't find him a useful ally, but a competent Antichrist might be.

If Lucifer has its eyes set on Heaven and Earth then that would still leave a lot of room for the aliens to comfortably be aliens for ages to come.

Interrupting the prophecy scheme might be a viable delaying tactic, but God is still out there with the power to destroy the universe.  If you want to be safe you have to stop God, and for that it might be helpful, at least temporarily, to join forces with his enemies.  They presumably know him better than you do.


For a completely different approach, what if the aliens are already on earth?  You've got, say, six to twelve invasions/colonizations going on, Rapture comes, Rapture goes, various alien groups have to figure out how to respond.  Truces are called, meetings are held, and it is generally agreed that none of them want some deity to ruin the world they're trying to rightfully steal/conquer/be squatters on.


[This is potentially a fragment of the second type of story described, but I have no idea where it would go from here.]

It had been the first conference where she hadn't had to fake a lack of understanding, even once, like every one of her colleagues Marie had no idea what was going on.  If she had, she would have shared it, secrecy be damned.  She hurried out of the building, through a side door away from the bustle of humans, and tried to ignore the pictures of missing people plastered across every wall outside.

"So what do you think?"

She spun around to see a young woman leaning against the building, and instantly recognized her as one of them.  Marie reached for a weapon but the young woman held up her hands, fingers barely peeking out of an oversized hoodie, gesturing to wait and said, "Relax."  After a moment she added, "We have a truce in case of disaster, remember?"

"What do you want?" Marie asked.

"I want to know what you think happened."

"Mass teleportation," she said quickly, turned around, and started walking away.

The young woman caught up and walked beside her, "That would have left traces we could detect.  Not to mention the event itself.  I checked every one of our orbital feeds and ground monitoring stations: nothing."

"They were vaporized."

"Not enough gas was produced."

"Krellian parasites."

"Would have left biological remnants.  Plus we would have smelled them, they stink like a mother-"
Marie stopped and said, "Don't!"  It was almost a shout.

"Seriously?" The young woman seemed genuinely confused.  "It's not even your language."


"All right."

"What do you think did it?"

"I have no idea."  Marie glared at her.  "I think that if you don't know and we don't know then we should work together to figure out what happened."

"Work together?"

"Yes. All of us.  I think I might have seen a Compian lurking around the local sewers, there are Go- sorry.  Who knows how many groups there are in New York City alone, and so many more abroad.  I've even heard rumors of Zilic- Zilish-"


"Yeah, Zili-what-you-said taking up residence in Greece.  Pool all our resources together and we'll find out what happened much faster than the humans ever would."

"And then what?" Marie asked.

"And then we do something about it.  My people didn't come to this world, take on the form of monkeys with degenerate fur distributions, and blend into the local population just so we could watch as someone else kidnapped or killed more than a third of that population and I imagine that when you crawled into that body-"

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

"It's icky."

"No one was using it at the time."

"Perhaps that makes it morally defensible, but if anything it makes it more disgusting."

"Do you have a point, beyond speciesism?"

"Yes.  Are you willing to sit idly by and watch this world thrown into chaos, or do you want to do something about it?"

Marie thought it over for a time, and finally grudgingly said, "We can work together."

"Wonderful!"  The young woman handed her a communication device, "I'll be in touch."


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