Monday, April 10, 2017

The post that was here

So, I made a post, and if you're looking for it you won't find it because I decided to revert it to draft form pending looking it over in a calmer state of mind.

Today is not a good day, and life is not good today.  I called up my mom because a change in her routine means that I won't be able to pay her money I owed her as I once did.  The conversation got derailed almost immediately, covered basically my whole lifetime, and especially the past 8ish months that everyone has been under tremendous stress.

I may have burned all of my bridges with my mother, which would be extremely unfortunate.  Though she's been increasingly distant since she moved in with her boyfriend.  I don't even remember the last time she came to see me, as opposed to using my house as a pit-stop while doing something else.

Still, even if things had become estranged, they were definitely much better yesterday than they are today.

I didn't really like the post I wrote, full of raw emotion and not enough context.  Hence taking it down.

It's especially a concern given that I know that at least one person who means my family harm has been reading Stealing Commas.  Raw emotion doesn't always lend itself to perfect fact checking.  Usually that's not much of a problem; errors may exist, but there can be later corrections and clarifications.  These days, though, it seems wiser to hold back.

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