Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Help save the farm

So, I'm not exactly inspired these days because my hormones are way the fuck out of whack on account of not being allowed to go back on the ones I take by hand, instead of produce by glands, yet.

Brain is foggy, words don't come, so on, so forth.

My sister is trying to get a grant to help with overhauling and thus saving the farm.  If she gets the grant depends on if she can turn out people to vote for it online, which is where you can help.  Go here and vote for it.  Every fucking day.  That's the thing, you can vote once per day.  So do that and help save the farm.

If my mood weren't screwed over for medical reasons I'd like to think that I could write something engaging that would inspire people to actually click over and click vote, and keep doing it until voting closed, but my mood is fucked over, so you just get this.

Kind of a crap post.  Sorry.