Monday, April 17, 2017

Monthly Financial Post

I'm in an interesting state.  There was money that I planned to use to pay off two credit cards.  It was going to be great.  Get rid of the highest interest debt, $70 less per month in minimum payments, so on, so forth.

Life sort of happened at me.  The cost of oil and some marginal expenses wiped out enough of the money that the most I could do was hope to pay for one.  Then that hope went away.

As it stands:
If I took all of my money on hand and put it toward paying off my worst debt in terms of interest rate, I'd fall $364.08 short of paying it off.  But I can't do anyway that because my other accounts are empty and I still have $165.73 worth of bills due this month (first on the 20th.)

So more like $529.81 short.  But then on the 11th of next month I have $647 due.

So here's that interesting state I mentioned.  I'm not short of money right now.  I've got what I need to pay things and survive into the next month including the taxes that come due then.  That said, I am $1,176.81 short of paying off the fucking high interest debt that I so foolishly expected it would be possible to pay off.

No cataclysm.  Sky isn't falling.  Just stupid unrealistic hopes failing to be realized.

~ ~ ~

It's time for me to start walking.  My shoes are utter crap.  I'd really like to just get good shoes to replace them.  Good shoes last longer, keep my feet safer, and cut down on sprained ankles (though they wouldn't have kept me from breaking my left ankle since I go barefoot in the house.)  Good shoes also cost a ton.

These are to my taste.  That's a hundred dollars that . . . yeah.  I don't have a shoe fund.

I'm also somewhat surprised to see how much the insoles I've transferred from shoe to shoe for years, if not a decade, actually cost.  I really should get new ones.  Without them my feet hurt themselves severely, but the ones I have are ancient and fall apart at a glance.  Fifty bucks.  I had no idea.

So if I want to properly welcome my left foot back to the land of the walking, $150 (less two cents I suppose) that I sure as fuck haven't set aside.

On the topic of walking I also need shorts or yoga pants or something in that vicinity otherwise my lack of the highly coveted thigh gap causes my legs to rub each other raw, sometimes even vaguely bloody.  I don't even have a price tag on that one.  I just know that leading up to breaking my ankle I'd worn right through most of the clothes I used for that purpose and I think I have only one or two such things left, no idea how long before I wear holes through that/those.
~ ~ ~
But, in general, the sky isn't falling right now.  I may not be able to pay off the debt I'd wanted to pay off, but bills in the near future can be covered.  And I think at least half of the sole on my right shoe is still attached (the left shoe should be better since it's had two months off), so I don't actually have to replace my shoes right away either.

And those are my finances.

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