Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Monthly Finance Post

These started to remind people that I accept donations, so:

There is a donate button at the upper right hand corner of the blog, one can also send me money by logging into paypal, going to the send money thing, and using my email (cpw [at] maine [dot] rr [dot] com).

If you have money to spare, are willing to give, and don't know anyone who needs it more, I'd love to take that spare money off your hands.


So, here's the deal:

On the 17th I was supposed to pay the property tax but that was covered for me.  It's a loan, not a gift, so I have to pay it back, but the reason for the loan is that in the longer term getting rid of my highest interest debt is really important so money that might have gone to taxes went to that.

So there's no pressing doom that will befall me before the end of the month, however I do need to pay back the money for the taxes ($646.93), insurance ($272) is due in the first half of December, $333.57 that needs to be paid by the end of December, and at some point I'll need to put oil in the tank.

So that's $1252.50 in the next month and a half.  Plus, maybe, heating oil.

And . . . I don't have that money.


I've gotten all of the documentation from the bank (must have cost us a national forest to print it), I just need to go through it, write a summary and letter saying why I'm sending it, figure out exactly who at the SSA I need to send it to, and then pray my SSI gets adjusted to something that doesn't leave me constantly on the edge of total catastrophe.

Until I do that (assuming it works) there's a constant push-pull going on.  On the one hand, the high interest debt is a huge burden so I pay it down whenever I can, on the other hand, debt is how I've been getting by month to month when I don't actually have the money to do so.

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