Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I'm worried

So, on the good side, no Hell today.  On the downside it's passed almost 3:30 PM and I've spent the entire day up to this point expecting a call any moment saying my sister was coming to get me and I needed to get ready.  So that's a wasted day.

As the call continued to not-come I got more and more worried that something had happened to my sister.  Finally I called her a few minutes ago and the response I got was that she and her boyfriend weren't sure if they should bother me today and so they decided to leave me alone for the day.

All well and good except . . . tomorrow is the big day when people who have fucked up at every stage of the process inspect the house and property looking for anything that could possibly be harmful to a three and a half year old and really bad shit happens if they find something they think, might, possibly, in an unlikely and unbelievable set of circumstances like say an alien invasion or collision of worlds, harm a child.

These are not regular child protection people.  These are fuck ups.  They're fuck ups who made up their mind about the case before they had any of the facts and have since been trying to justify their pre-conclusion.

Today is supposed to be constant non-stop crunch day as we look at everything through an electron microscope and make sure that there's not a hint of anything that could be twisted into something somehow close to a thing that vaguely resembles bad.

We've been in panic-mode because this inspection is coming (because it's hard to pass inspection when the inspector wants you to fail rather than wants to do an honest job of inspecting.)

And then my sister decides it's not worth bothering me over?  I'm worried that something, something major, is being left out.  I'm worried that it's bad.

My sister's been riding on the edge of despondency-based shutdown since they took her son, she got a major shot of "They really did try to kill me using the police as their weapon" crashing down on her when she finally heard the 911 call made against her that set all of the terrible into motion.

Also, she'd usually be on medication but it's the sort that you do not take when pregnant (doctor's orders) so she's had that going on since before everything went wrong.

She sounded fine, but I'm worried.  I'm worried that maybe the emotional bottom dropped out and she's resigned herself to broken hopes and shattered dreams.  I'm worried that something unforeseen and very bad happened to make it so things got worse in a way I couldn't help with in the least even if I were there.

I'm worried because I have no idea what just happened.

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  1. Hey Chris, I'll be hoping and praying that the fuck ups leave with nothing to justify their pre-conclusion or perhaps, against all expectations, their minds changed. And also that your sister is as fine as she sounded.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on this.