Monday, November 21, 2016

I am medicated

Ok, so, apparently I dropped a pill somewhere because there definitely should have been an even number since I take two every morning and they gave me a full thirty day supply.

I noticed this, maybe, on Friday.  I was out of state, the medication has only gotten a generic a year or two ago, and even that is really fucking expensive, and my insurance ends at the state line.  No way to refill.

So I'm looking at three pills and considering rationing.  Then I realize: I'm going back the next day, so if I take two that day, one the next, and then get new pills when I get back into my insurance's domain, I'll have only one day of less than full meds.

I did not think of the fact that it was Friday.  Meaning the next day was Saturday, meaning the day after was Sunday.

So this morning I'd had one half of a dose of my most important med in the span of three mornings.

Those who pay attention to my time zone will be able to notice that it is not morning here.

Good fucking God, is it hard to make an expedition to get your depression medication when you're suffering withdrawal from your depression medication (figures that the only medicine that works is the only one to ever give me withdrawal symptoms) and possibly the fallout of not having depression medication (it can be hard to tell where withdrawal ends and "You're too low on meds in your bloodstream to be non-depressed" begins in the short term).

But I am now medicated.  And I have food.  I'd totally forgotten that I finished almost all my food before heading out of state.

Mind you I never talked about being not medicated, so this is sort of non-news because it means, "That bad thing I didn't mention is no longer a thing in need of mentioning."

Still: I have succeeded in my epic mission-quest-thing to get medication.  Woo!


  1. Hey, any small victory is worth celebrating these days. Go you! Woo!

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