Saturday, November 26, 2016

A child was born last night

I assume it was night based on when I learned of it.

CJ is the newest member of my sister's family.  There's no great epic tale to tell like there was with Jensen, but that's not a bad thing.

CJ's biological father . . . well, I can't help but see it in light of my sister's other son.  Jensen's biological father didn't even admit to being related until this year and has never acted as a father to Jensen.  Occasionally a keeper, the sort of person you can kind of sort of trust you take care of a dog without traumatizing it, but never a father.

Instead Jensen's father is someone who has only known him half his life.  That's CJ's biological father, and the difference between the two men is just so extreme.  When Jensen was born his biological father seemed annoyed at being expected to care about the affair and really didn't appear to want to be there.

CJ's biological father, Cody, emanates pure love.  How he looks at CJ, how he holds him, how he . . . everything.  I already know he'll be a good dad, that's what he's been doing to Jensen, but it's just so different than last time, and in such a good way.

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