Friday, July 29, 2016

Vote for me for meaningless fandom awards because my birthday

Ok, so it's like this.  Remember those Kim Possible fan fiction awards I've mentioned repeatedly?  Well if the voting results in a tie then they go to a runoff.  There were six ties.  Two of them involve me.  Voting in the runoff closes on August 3rd, my birthday.

No, voting for me because my birthday isn't actually a good reason, but if you've read Bent, not Broken, then it's possible that you have a good reason.  Here are the two that involve me:

1) Best KP Style Name
Chi Mira (Chimera) from Bent, not Broken by chris the cynic
15) Best Drama
Bent, Not Broken By Chris the Cynic
(KP Style name is about silly word play.  For example, Adrenna Lynn (for adrenaline) was a first season villain.)

So if you happen to think that either Bent, not Broken or Chi deserve to win their categories, what you do is send a message saying so to the vote county people.  Probably you want to send an email, kimmunityfannies (AT) yahoo (DOT) com, but if you have a account then it's also an option to use their PM system by going here and using the "PM" link in the upper left corner.

Full list of ties is here.

And that's that.

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