Saturday, July 16, 2016

Monthly Financial Post

A big part of why I didn't do this yesterday was that I really wanted to get a fiction post up before I did a "Hey look, my finances still suck," post.  That didn't work out.


The good: I just barely managed to pay off most of my debt servicing bills for the month.  The SSA will keep giving me SSI (but there's no word if they'll restore the amount of SSI I get to the previous amount that doesn't leave me constantly facing disaster and getting deeper in debt.)

The bad: First, something went wrong with the above (possibly something got double payed by mistake), and now my bank account is negative again.  Specifically -$56.75, $35 of which is overdraft fee.

Second, that was entirely debt servicing,  Fucking debt is high enough that it ends up being my biggest expense and while I can use it to pay off other expenses (big part of how it got that high) that just adds to the damned debt.  Actually things have been going badly lately, forcing me to use the "get deeper in debt option" and two accounts that are supposed to have zero balance (because I paid them off as part of the "get out of debt" plan) now have $670.83 dollars worth of debt between then.

Also, as a part of the second, that was entirely debt servicing meaning it didn't pay for water, electricity, or my phone.  None of that has been paid for this month.

The ugly: I owe insurance on the house I never do remember exactly what it is, I can look it up later and put it in here but I think it's $290 something.  I don't owe it to the insurance company so no late fees and whatnot, but I do owe it to the person who was nice enough to pay it for me until I could get the funds together.

Next month taxes are due.  That I do know.  $657.72

And that covers it.

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