Monday, July 4, 2016

Accidentally overstating my time-travel abilities

Originally this had no caption --oops-- so this
time-traveling caption from July 1016 is here to
say: this is Subaru and Silver Knight in Venice
So for some reason I ended up at .hack//Sign: The story so far (with images) and noticed that blogger had apparently messed up the formatting.

Blogger does that a lot; in part because the font size it shows in composition isn't the font size used in the actual post because . . . Jasper?

I noted a caption-needing picture while I was trying to fix other things and originally added the caption you see off to the side.

Admittedly 1016 is probably a more interesting time for a caption to be traveling from than 2016, but obviously that wasn't what I meant to type (and not is it what's in the actual edit) but I had a bit of a giggle when I noticed what I'd done.

* * *

And . . . then I actually did put that error online in the original post.  For maybe ten minutes or so.  (Not completely sure on how long.)

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