Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ugh (having trouble writing a four realms fragment)

So I'm having great trouble writing a series of three scenes which show insights into the relationship involving homeless by choice mostly-human transmale, emotion feeding succubus (as opposed to fluid feeding one), and genderfluid runaway human kid.

Mostly human is sexual aromantic, with a preference for sex with a friend or potential friend rather than, say, hookup culture.
"So friends with benefits?"

"I never liked that phrase.  All friendships have benefits, otherwise they wouldn't be friendships."
Succubus is largely the same way but she actually does have a smidge of romantic, which is rare for sex demons.  (They're almost exclusively completely completely aromantic.)  Very importantly: she's from a Succubus/Incubus community that believes strongly in consent which is far from universal in the species.

Runaway kid is initially young enough that sexuality isn't really known, but ze is sure about being binary conforming gender fluid.  (Whether he's a boy or she's a girl changes, but ze is always either a gender conforming boy or a gender conforming girl.)  Had to run away from home because dad didn't want "his son" to be a "sissy" and mom was pissed off because "being a woman isn't a part time job."

Mostly human finds runaway kid and knows exactly where ze can be accepted.

Succubus/Incubus culture is very welcoming into non-cis people.  The species never has a "body doesn't match identity" problem (they're not human and thus they operate in different ways) but ... while every Succubus is female, every Incubus is male, but the demons can freely change between the two.

They've got full time Succubi who were born Incubi, full time Incubi who were born Succubi, and a large contingent who change between the two all the time.  While they fundamentally don't get genderqueer people --or a lot of human gender sexual identity things-- they make an effort to be accepting on those fronts and generally do a good job of it.

Runaway kid's gender identity is practically a prominent Succubus/Incubus identity anyway and even if it weren't the culture would be accepting of zir identity, since Sucubus' group is all about consent, the comon dangers associated with Succubi and Incubi don't apply.

Skip to years later.

Succubus has adopted runaway kid and loves zir a lot but has a bit of a crisis when she realizes that runaway kid is asexual aromantic.  Mostly the asexual part.  So many of the things that she had panned to share with her child go up in smoke with that revelation.

Both of them end up talking with mostly human.

And that covers all that I've been trying to write in these fragments.

Scene one: Succubus and mostly-human meet for the first time.

Scene two: Mostly human meets runaway and brings zir to succubus.

Scene three: Sucubus talks to mostly human about discovering her child is asexual and her feelings surrounding it.  After she leaves, runaway talks to mostly human about the Succubus' reaction.  Mostly human's general reaction to both is: You love each other as child and parent, pretty sure that's more important to either of you than the sex thing.

I'm not having any luck actually writing it.


  1. I'm guessing the human-meets-mostly human might be easiest to start on? Since you seem to know a bit about human and when and why they left home...

    That first quote... who is the mostly human talking to and when does the conversation occur? If he(?) is talking to human then yay, you have part of an early convo between them written already!

    Also curious why you wrote transmale instead of trans male? Does he identify as a man? If not, is it because he isn't human or...what?

    1. On transmale vs. trans male, no meaning there. If I distinguish between the two, it's not consciously.

      He definitely identifies as a man in terms of "male human" whether he'd identify as that in other ways where man is something you achieve (how many roads?) rather than are" is a little more hazy.

  2. Also, did you say elsewhere and I've forgotten what the rest of mostly human is? Does he know? Do you? Will the readers?

    1. Never said, but it's not a secret.

      He has a pretty good guess, but doesn't know percentages. I do. Whether or not the readers will know what he is depends on how well they paid attention in Worlds Building (specifically which races had which powers.)

      Part elf and part elemental both attuned to, basically, city filth. Lot of time honing the abilities that those tiny bits of non-human give him access to.

      He identifies as human, and is overwhelmingly human, but he's also as in touch with the non-human bits as he can manage. That's about building skill on a foundation of talent though, not about his identity.

      The elemental bit is strong enough to push over a mostly empty metal trashcan or make light refuse (paper waste for example) fly in vaguely the desired direction as if pushed by a wind.

      Even though he's equal parts elemental and elf, he's had a lot more luck tapping environmental magic like and elf would than generating his own like an elemental would.

      Getting the environment to adapt friction to his advantage has been of great use to him since his solution to conflict is:
      1 Get any bad people/things focused on him instead of those who can't defend themselves
      2 Run away

  3. Also also you seem to have quite a few ideas fleshed out about the Succubus's community and culture. I am here for every scrap of worldbuilding! Yay fun cultural worldbuilding yummy! And I bet I'm not the only one.

    1. It all stated when someone told me that some legends say that Succubi can become Incubi, and just sort of went from there.