Thursday, March 3, 2016

Siege of Middleton (KP writing prompt challenge)

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The Siege of Middleton

write for 30 uninterupted minutes on, inspired by, or about the above phrase...
*  *  *
(Drawing heavily on Graduation 1.5)

Our childhood was spent here

The burning wreckage of Ron's tree house.

We met our friends here

Monique and Tara help others out of the rubble of Middleton High School.

We went on dates here

The smoking remains of a Bueno Nacho. Ned walks away dejected.

Our families lives here

Anne Possible is outside of Middleton Hospital, where the injured have overflowed into the parking lot.

We learned to drive here

SADI weaves through a rubble strewn road, her disintegration cannon deployed.

Our fears live here

Something crawls out of Lake Wannaweep.

Our hopes were born here

{insert something here later}

Our dreams lived here

The Ferret Flier navigates a sky made deadly by anti aircraft weapons.

Our pets are here

A blonde figure stands atop a cockroach larger than a house.

This is our home

Wade is under his desk, keyboard in hand, typing furiously and ignoring the fact the ceiling has partially collapsed.

This is Middleton

And we will not go down without a fight.

* * *

Vivian and Oliver finished on a robot and sent it to the front lines. "At this rate we can't win," Oliver said.

Vivian nodded. "We need better fabrication facilities." She thought a moment. "I need to contact Dr. Freeman."

Oliver nodded. He had an idea what she was thinking. "Everyone, listen up. We're going to try to get access to a factory, so start making your designs ready for mass production."

* * *

"There's an entire fleet of fighters and bombers coming in."

"Do aircraft even move in fleets?"

"Would you two shut up?" Justine asked. A few modifications and she had an inter-dimensional portal up and running. Not only did the air attack disappear into the portal, a very perturbed dinosaur-thing came out and started wreaking havock on the military perimeter around the town.

* * *

"What you even hoping to find?"

"Remember the amulet that transformed that little guy into a giant jackle-headed warrior?"

"Yeah, we took it out of circulation and put it in the vaults to prevent it from being used for anything like that again."

"I'm looking for stuff that can be used for something like that.

* * *

"This is the cheese book," Zita said with annoyance. How was she supposed to summon a phantom monkey army if she couldn't find the right book?"

* * *

Um, I ran out of time. Damn. I write slowly.

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  1. One of your flashes reminds me of the 30mm Bofors cannon. In WWII, the Americans decided to buy manufacturing rights from the Swedes who'd designed it. They looked at the plans and instructions, and were amazed. "What is this 'bend to fit'? We don't do 'bend to fit', we do '10,000 identical pieces per hour'." They ended up doing substantial redesigns to produce a weapon that wasn't as good, but could be made in huge volumes. (Much like Packard building Rolls-Royce engine designs.)