Friday, August 28, 2015

Sphere of Potential (image post)

At Ana Mardoll's I made an open thread of the same name using this image, but I noted that having the image a reasonable size meant an unfortunately loss of detail.

Here's the image from there:

You get the ... oh fuck, horrible pun must be averted.  You get the idea.  Focus on the flower, background out of focus, very nice attempt on the flower's part to approximate a perfect sphere.

If we get rid of the background I can give you this, but it's still at about one third of original size:

If we give up on getting the full flower head, then we don't have to scale and thus:

This was never going to be a long post, but maybe one more picture, a sort of balance between the urge not to scale and the conflicting desire to to show the shape of things:

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