Monday, August 31, 2015

Something I'm selling: Older Skylanders

The Skylanders franchise is coming up on its fifth game.  September 20th Skylanders: Superchargers comes out.  The games have no set player character, instead you can play as any Skylander by placing it on an NFC device called the "The Portal of Power" it reads the chip in the toy figure and lets you play as the character in game.

Each game is backwards compatible with figures from the previous games so a figure from the original will work in every single game, a figure from the second will work in all but the first one, and so forth.  It's mildly more complicated than that because some figures from later games will work in earlier ones if they're a version of a character used in the earlier game, but in general a figure from game N will work in games ≥ N.

A while back I discovered that elder weasel had all current Skylanders games, and had played them to completion, except the earliest one.  Munchkin weasel has been similarly limited as they share their games (sometimes with acrimony, but generally well.)

So, I set out to rectify this.  Since it is the first game, it's compatible with the fewest figures, and since they don't have the first game the only first game figures they have are three that were picked up at a yard sale.

The practical result of all of this is that I have a Christmas present for the munchkins, though I may well decide not to wait that long (I could just give it to them the next time I see them, but there's not really an occasion) but also, because buying firgures to go with the game is incredibly expensive if done one at a time (the problem is mostly shipping, shipping sucks) I have a number of duplicate figures to get rid of.

The Skylanders games are:
  • Spyro's Adventure
  • Giants
  • Swap Force
  • Trap Team
  • Superchargers
Trap Team is recent enough that not many people were throwing them into "Random lot of figures" though I think I do have a couple.  I definitely have a one armed Christmas lobster called "LobStar" with a throwing star from Trap Team, which might be worth something if not for the fact that it's supposed to have two arms.

Superchargers isn't out yet.

Other than that, if you want or a child you know wants a figure or figures from the other games (Spyro's Adventure, Giants, Swap Force) send me your wishlist and what you'd pay for the items on it, along with your postal code so I can figure out shipping.  There's a non-zero chance I can help you out.

My email is: cpw (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com
Link to email. (Assuming neither I nor blogger fucked up the link.)

I can't give the excess away free out of the kindness of my heart, but I can probably do better than you'll find elsewhere, and probably also better than whatever prices I post to my ebay account once I've done the math to figure out how to price them.

Also, this is where I really go into no-scruples sales mode, if you've never tried Skylanders and want to start with the new game, consider that every currently existing figure is compatible with it so you could go here, pick out an entire roster of ones you'd like in the new game, send me a list, and (depending on how your list compares to what I've got) get yourself a decent little army to throw at said new game when it comes out on September 20th.

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