Friday, July 10, 2015

Real American Hero

Still not accomplishing much on the post making.  Additionally my fears about the washing machine were founded.  New part does not fix the problem.  All that's left to do is recheck the wiring and, if nothing is obviously disconnected, concluded that it is beyond my ability to fix.  Then spiral into despair over not being able to afford a new machine.

So, here's something I wrote ten days ago in response to Bree Newsome (described at Ana Mardoll's, and Fred Clark's) being described as a "Real American Hero" when, due to my dad's fondness for a certain advertising campaign, I can only think of as a beer commercial.

(Originally posted at Slacktivist.)

Bud Light presents Real American Heroes
(Real American Heroes)
Today we salute you, Ms. Confederate flag taker downer woman.
(Ms. Confederate flag taker downer.)
Without you, a symbol of hate would be souring the view.
(Fuck bigotry.)
But you, ma'am, scaled that pole and took it down.
(Climb like Mulan!)
And why did you do it? Because you know that the state shouldn't be celebrating treason, slavery, and hate but the people in charge will never do anything about it.
(They're fucking jerks.)
So crack open an ice cold Bud Lite, you lord of the flag pole, and know that when America is looking for a woman to get the job done you rise to the occasion.
(You rise to the occasion.)


  1. Can we petition Bud Light to make this commercial?

  2. This is the greatest thing. I love those commercials, although such heroes deserve better beer than Bud Light.

    I would love it if you made this a series.

  3. Lonespark, I think you may have hit on something rather profound.

    Some people will reject Bud Light because it's lousy beer.
    Other people will stick with it because it's what People Like Us drink.

  4. Right. I don't think it has to be, though, exactly. If you're going to drink cheap, not-so-great beer, it doesn't necessarily have to be made by a multinational corporation?

  5. Hmm. If you're a small brewery making not-so-great beer, the big brewery can probably sell the same quality of beer more cheaply. You'd need to rely on a local reputation, perhaps.