Sunday, July 19, 2015

Money Begging Post

The fact that it has been three months since I last did a money begging post in spite of the fact that I'm supposed to have a monthly reminder that, "Hey, I have a donation button if you'd like to use it," should in no way be taken to mean that I don't need money.  Debts have been slowly accumulating, I probably need a new washing machine, my glasses are currently held together by a twisty tie and ought to be replaced but first I need to get my eyes checked because the prescription on these ones was out of date the last time I had my eyes checked (these are old glasses that I kept in case of emergency, said emergency turned out to be my most recently glasses going MIA presumed FDT*) I'd like to be able to attend the next semester at my slowly dying university but that's a nice solid 2 to 4 thousand dollars I don't have on top of all of the above ... and stuff.

So, you know, don't let the radio silence make you think that I won the lottery or something.  The money situation still sucks.

Tomorrow I think I'll try to do a post on the month histories I missed by not having regularly scheduled "Donation Reminder/How this month got to be this month" posts.


*Flushed Down Toilet

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  1. ...I'll see where I am in a couple weeks. I don't have much money, either. :(