Saturday, July 25, 2015

Help! (money) (updated )

[Added] Thank you.

Bad things have been averted.  Now if I can just managed to get a decent post up so this isn't the most recent thing.


A month and a half ago I made a purchase of $143.47 only to find out that the thing was on back order.  What I failed to notice at the time was that the company, rather nicely actually, didn't charge me then because, you know, they weren't giving me the thing yet.

Various stuff has happened since then and now that they do have the thing and have submitted the charge I don't have the money.

Right now the charge is in limbo in my Paypal account and if I can get the money in the account before it leaves limbo then nothing bad will happen.  If I can't then Paypal will (I think) notice that the money isn't the account and automatically try to wire transfer the money from my checking account at my bank.  That also doesn't have the money which means that I'll get hit with a fee.  At this stage I think the bank will, in an effort to be helpful, automatically try to transfer the money from my savings account which likewise doesn't have the money.  There might be another penalty for trying to remove money that I don't have at all from the bank, at this point the bank will have run out of options and thus Paypal will know it isn't getting paid by the bank which I think probably results in a couple more bad things, and if I'm lucky the bad ends there.*

But the bad is bad.

So, if you happen to have $148.22 (I think that's what one has to pay for it to be $143.47 after Paypal takes its cut) you don't need and you'd like to help me, please donate as soon as possible.


One of the most aggravating things about this is that the problem is a question of timing.  I'm getting ready to sell a bunch of stuff.  Part of the reason that I'm so low on money and even credit right now is doing the prep work that went into being ready and able to sell said stuff.

If it happened earlier I could have held off on the preparations and thus not be in this much trouble.  If it happened later then, hopefully, the selling stuff will have gone well and I'd have the money available.


* I honestly don't know what happens if the automatic back up method doesn't work.  I hope it doesn't go to some tertiary method because Paypal knows what my credit cards are and asking them for money I don't have on them could result in even more bad.


  1. o_o

    Make that $128.38. Wish I could reduce that further, but.

  2. Just saw this post and donated, I hope it isn't too late.

  3. BAD THINGS AVERTED! w00t! \o/