Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Viewing the Transit of Venus

My sister found some old welding helmets of my grandfather's which she assures me were safe.  If I go blind we'll know she was wrong.

I looked like this:

The sun looked sort of like this, but more in focus:

(In theory I set the focus to infinite, I think, but that's what came out.)

My sister looked like this:

Then we tried to go to a different viewing spot, but the time we got there the sky looked like this:

So my sister tried to scare the clouds away thus:

And as for NASA, for them it looked like this:

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  1. I got a bare glimpse - just west of London/UK, it was too cloudy for good viewing through proper kit, but someone with a dodgy half-strength filter was able to get a visible dot for about thirty seconds and I saw it then.