Sunday, June 24, 2012

Abel's death was faked, an idea I probably won't get back to

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[From the same thread that inspired Omphalos Workers, the idea being that if the world is as young as creationists say, and the reason it looks old is because it was designed to be aged, then what happened when the first actual people encountered evidence of the fictional older peoples.]

I don't have time now, and I'm half asleep, but I suddenly want it to the the case that Cain and Abel faked Abel's death so that Abel could travel the world investigating these anomalies without the watchful eyes of parents, angels, or God upon him.  Where he got Indiana Jones' hat I don't know, but he did.
It was the blood of Abel that cried out to God, so they just had to let some blood out, it was difficult, inventing medicine on the spot to make sure that the blood loss wasn't fatal, but Cain and Abel were up to the task (barely) and the plan went off without a hitch.  Unless you count Cain getting cursed, but given what Abel went through* Cain figures he got the easier job.
And the tempting thing is for them to eventually realize that they're literary characters in an inconsistent work and, in their final triumph, escape the the fiction into the real world.
*  Medicine in the era of the second generation, especially when improvised by people trying to make it appear that the person receiving the medicine doesn't exist, was not, on the whole, good.


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