Saturday, June 2, 2012

NRA: Are you Rayford Steele?

[Originally posted at Slacktivist (page 2).  NRA stands for Nicolae: Rise of the Antichrist, the third book in the Left Behind series.]

Chloe had been the first to spot the men.  Their guns were visible, but it was difficult to tell if they were wearing uniforms or army surplus stock, or much of anything besides the fact they were armed.  They'd clearly taken an interest in the Steele's Lincoln.  Rayford tried to avoid them but abandoned cars littered the streets and soon he was stuck.
One of the men came running and was soon at Raford's window.  The gun had already been passed off to Amanda so that if it was needed she could fire while Ray provided distraction.
The man was shouting something but it was impossible to make out through the window.  Rayford cautiously lowered it, and the man's voice came into focus:
He hadn't expected to be found here and for a moment was unable to find words.  Then, quietly, he asked, "Whose side are you on?"
"Are you Rayford Steele?"
Rayford was louder now, "Whose side are you on?"
The man stood up, his voice was strangely calm, yet very annoyed.  "You see that column of smoke over there?"
"I see it."
"You see how, at the top, it's somewhat wider in-"
"I see it," Rayford interupted, agitated.
The man resumed, "what might be described as a mushroom shape?"
"I see it, God damn it!"
"I think we're beyond having sides at this point.  Now answer the question, are you Rayford Steele?"
The man sounded almost cheerful, "Good."  He pulled out a radio, "I've located Steele, call in the helo."  He turned back to the car, "It's a transport helicopter, I'm told it can hold as many as 80."  He counted the occupants in the car.  Then said into his radio, "Get everyone moving to the pick up site, and find me more survivors.  I count room for 12 more on the helo."  He turned to the car again, "We'll have to get moving, there's no space for it to land here."
"So, whose side are you on?" Chloe asked as they got out of the car.
"Whoever can get me out of here alive. When you meet the others you'll find that that's the only side there is.  Regardless of where they stood before the bomb dropped."


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