Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Early Finance Post (Money Begging)

Most of the ticking time bomb stuff has been dealt with.  There's about a hundred (a bit more) left that needs to be in by the end of December.  If you remember how bad things started, it's nothing short of a miracle that that's all that remains.

Other stuff, however, still exists.  And I'm not totally sure why having my "I" key break is messing up my ability to type several non-I letters.

Regardless, I'm thirty dollars short on taxes.  As in: not $29 and not $31 and traditionally we've been rounding taxes to an even dollar amount.  Sometimes in my favor, sometimes not.  In the bank I have . . . actually, let me check.  Well, that failed.  A couple payments don't go through until tomorrow.  I think that what remains should be about 60¢.  (I thought the line for cents was supposed to be vertical.)

The good news is that the bills that have yet to be paid are ones that don't come due until after the twentieth, so I've got a fortnight before things go bad.  I pay the taxes by proxy, and the proxy will be forgiving if the final thirty is late.  I try not to make use of that fact, though.

Also the oil is burning.  I've got about a quarter of a tank.  No idea when I'll have to buy more heat.

I'll have a fuller accounting on the regular day, but the taxes are due the day after that and between now and the 15th I'll be in a position to possibly go see a movie with Lonespark.  If, you know, money exists.  Which it doesn't.

So, basically, I'm just typing here so I can beg you for money to pay for movie tickets, maybe get the last thirty of taxes, and then I'll be back again to beg some more with more specific numbers in a week and a day.

Because that's the sort of person I am.

Or something like that.


The "H" key has been gone for so long that apparently I've forgotten how long it takes to adapt to the lack of a key.  Fucking "I" key falling off.

And I know the keyboard isn't trying to say hello to me in its own fucked up way, because you can't say, "Hi, Chris," without and "H" and an "I".


  1. Can't help with money, but do you still need large capacity drink containers? Between wanting to bleach the ones I can spare and periodically running out of money myself, I haven't shipped them yet, but I could do so next week if you wish.