Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Computer failure

I'm currently backing up primary computer because it has lost the will to wireless.  It assures me that there is nothing wrong with its ability to wireless.  It says the wireless is merely turned off and that explains all problems.  As for why the wireless capability can't turn on and attempting to do it will get a couple seconds of, "I'm totally turning on now," followed by inexplicably turned off again . . . the computer directs me to the internet.  Which it doesn't get.

So wonder and merriment there.  I was going to have to take it in anyway.  Seemingly cosmetic damage to the case has proven to be more insidious by making it so the cord won't stay in unless everything is just so, leading to running out of battery when I thought I was running off of the cord.

It's been running hot, which is never good for a computer.

When they fixed it last time they forgot that the operating system was on a solid state drive.  They forgot that the drive existed entirely, which led to a period when I thought (and they thought) they stole it.  Though they called it disposing of a non-covered part even though the fact that the computer had and OS SSD was in the computer's fucking name that showed up on all documentation and . . .

Might be getting a bit carried away there.  I was actually using this computer at the time.  When I booted it up I found a conversation in which I was talking about how I was taking to the Kingdom Hearts series, which I got into playing because it's really hard to be laying on your back with your thrice broken foot elevated while computer gaming, but that set up is fucking ideal for a console and controller.  Thus, for the first time in my life, I had a console and controller, thus, for the first time in my life, I could play Kingdom Hearts.

There's a reason I haven't used this computer since then.  It's someone else's castoff, it has more or less zero power, and as far as it is concerned it has no battery.  Even the most momentary interruption in the corded power supply and it dies.  Plus, the "zero power" thing means it's slow as fuck.

Anyway, primary computer is not functioning as primary computer.  I'm backing it up.  Then I shall take it away and either:
a) Have it sent away to be maybe-fixed, or
b) Be given the money I paid for it in store credit which, somehow, never seems to be enough to pay for a replacement, and also requires me to buy a new warranty.

Until I have a primary computer, posting will likely be spotty.

~ ~ ~

Normally today would be finances day.  Key points:

  • I will make it through the month
  • It is therefore the case that heating oil and property insurance (each can be expected to be between two and three hundred dollars) are the major financial hits left to cope with.
  • More detail forthcoming when I don't spend all day looking for some kind of computer-type-device that has an associated cord.

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