Monday, November 27, 2017

A new Amazon wishlist

So it is becoming increasingly apparent that at some point in the near future I will require those things that hang under hanging plants to stop the water from drenching whatever the plant is hanging over, on account of the one that I end up facing every day being on the verge of tearing itself apart and spilling planty water everywhere.

These things are apparently known as "Hanging Basket Drip Pan"s.

And I remembered that I had an Amazon wishlist or six.

I'd actually been thinking about making use of this fact to see if anyone felt like getting me books related to surreal numbers.  So I cleaned up some things, ignored the festering mess in others, and made it so that anyone who wants to can get me the hanging basket drip pans I need.

I present a new, simple, wishlist.  On it you will find:

Things to contain plant water, Lego Elves, surreal numbers, Sappho, PS4 games moved from the (now-deleted) list I made when I was on my back --with my broken foot elevated-- and using a controller was the only thing that separated me from death via boredom, one Wii U game and . . . that covers it.

Lots of Lego Elves.  It's said that people should have goals.  I don't know who says it, but I've heard it said that it is said.  I have many, but here's one I don't think I've put on Stealing Commas yet: I want to have so many Legos that I can follow the directions and make massive original creations of the basement filling scale seen in The Lego Movie.

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