Friday, May 20, 2016

Updates on various things

I missed my usual financial update and money begging thing.  So, there are no looming catastrophes at the moment, however... I still haven't heard back from the SSA, they're dragging their heels to no end.  If memory serves they did the same thing last time and eventually so much time had passed I assumed that they must have had nothing to report and then boom they screwed up the entire passed year of my life so the fact that all catastrophes were supposed to be over and I was never going to need to beg for help again kind of went down the drain.

I saw Captain America: Civil War which would have made sense if they'd called it How the Black Panther left Wakanda but instead they seemed fixated on making it Avengers 2.5: This makes no sense, and only fictional dead people matter.  The fourth Captain America movie will doubtless be Captain America: He's not even in this movie; don't pretend to be surprised.

I think I'm going to have to split my post about that into multiple parts because if it were really just one post worth of stuff it'd be done by now.

I also got around to watching Age of Ultron, in which no time period constituting an age passed and they never addressed how old Ultron was thus making the title a complete non sequitur.  I did this in case there was something in it that made Captain America: Civil War make sense.  There wasn't, but I have a better understanding of the movie now because it really was an Avengers movie, not a Captain America one (and should have been a Black Panther one.)

So posts on all of that coming, maybe.  I've not forgotten that I said that there would be more Lynnverse and more Life After and yet not delivered on that.

Um . . . Stuff.  If I weren't so in debt I really should buy a washing machine because fucking hell is this absurd.  If not for frequent trips to see Lonespark, who has a washing machine, I'd have been wearing dirty clothes exclusively for almost a year now.

Primary computer was never fully fixed, it just took me a while to realize it.  The USB ports are borked, semi-boked, and not borked (there are only three) which it can take a while to notice if you default to the not borked one and rarely use more than one at once.  That's not why It's going to be sent in for repairs though.  It's not charging right.  That's bad, thus it needs to be sent in for repairs.

I think that might, possibly, cover everything.  But I make no promises.  I often forget things.


Oh, also, getting some weird traffic.  Starting on the 16th I've been getting visits that are way over my usual traffic.  Usual traffic is generally in the two to twenty per hour (page views, not visitors) with occasional spikes into the sixties of seventies.

About once every five hours since it started I'll a hundred and forty page views, give or take, in a single minute.  The page views are distributed: one per post.  If not for the fact that viewing that many pages in a minute (or the semi-regularness of one every 5ish hours which doesn't allow for sleep) I'd think someone were doing an archive crawl.

As is . . . not sure.  I suppose someone could be archiving the site.

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