Saturday, May 7, 2016

Lynnverse - Opening Credits

Ok, so I wasn't actually thinking about this when I said that I'd have more to say about the Lynnverse --in fact I'd entirely forgotten it existed-- and it probably won't make any sense, but it has one incredibly important thing going for it: it's already been typed up.  How and when that happened I don't remember.  It's listed as "Untitled Document 7".

Maybe I wanted to get it out before the idea left my head and I couldn't find my notebook, or something like that.

Anyway, if we assume that the Lynnverse is a TV show, this sequence would be the part of the opening credits that gives you nine main characters in their high school setting as opposed to the "save the world" superhero setting.

- - -

(Camera starts ahead of Lynn looking back at her.)

Lynn is walking down a school hallway.  Somebody bumps into her (they're walking the other way, clip her left shoulder with their own) hard enough to knock her to the ground.  Christy's also walking the other way, helps her up, then goes to join Ashley.

Camera follows them for a second but then returns to Lynn.  Her expression darkens and she clenches a fist.  Camera turns to show what she sees.  Rob tries to escape two bullies but is pushed back against the lockers, hard.

Before Lynn makes it to Rob and the bullies, Sun bumps into the bullies and is headed for the floor when Lynn steadies him.  As Sun profusely apologizes to the bullies and they yell at him, Rob mouths “Thanks” and then bolts.  (Rob heads back the way Lynn came.)  Rob meets up with Nick, camera lingers on the two for a minute but then returns to Lynn and Sun.

They leave the bullies and continue in the direction Lynn's been walking.

Lynn is angrily talking to Sun (note: not angry at him), but then her expression brightens.

Camera turns to show that she's seen Zee, walking toward them with Rachel at her side.  Zee, though, becomes angry and the camera again moves to show Des, between Zee and Lynn, being picked on by several other girls.  (Entirely verbal, not like the physical bullies from before.)

Zee reaches Des and starts shouting at the girls picking on her.  Rachel tries to say something but never forms a word.  When Lynn and Sun arrive from the other direction, Des' tormentors leave with a few parting shots.  Des and Rachel head back the way Lynn came while Lynn, Sun, and Zee continue in the direction Lynn's been walking the whole time.


And that's all there is of that, bet you know not a damned thing about any of the characters after reading it.

The name "Sun" could throw you off, so I'll point out this: It's an unusual name.  He gets picked on for it being a strange name.  White Anglo-Saxon boy named "Sun" with a twin sister named "Moon" is well aware that his name makes people look askance.

I've only figured out the races of three characters so far.  Lynn and Sun are both white Americans.  Des is racially half Vietnamese.  Her mother was an assimilationist (she just wanted to fit in and be "normal") so there's no cultural component to Des' Vietnamese heritage because her mother didn't try to pass that culture on to her daughter (or even retain it in herself.)  There's a story behind Des' name too.

The rest . . . not a clue.

Though as I write that, I think I might want Nick to be black.  I'll figure them all out at some point.

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