Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Narnia: What about Edmund? (On meeting Father Christmas in LWW)

[Originally posted at Ana Mardoll's Ramblings.]
[For context, Father Christmas showed up, gave Peter a sword and a shield, Susan a bow (that's she's not supposed to use) and a horn that can summon help, Lucy a dagger (that she's not supposed to use because battles are ugly when women fight) and a healing cordial, and as for Edmund... yeah.]

"What about Edmund?" Susan asked.

"Excuse me?" Father Christmas asked.

"Our brother Edmund, who we go to rescue from evil mind control, is surely in greater need than we," Susan said. "You've given us each two gifts --though told Lu and I not to use half of ours-- but what of our brother Edmund? When we've rescued him, are we to tell him, 'So sorry, you've suffered and been mind controlled and been through all manner of Hell on not-earth, but we've got to twist the dagger we're not supposed to use by telling you that you missed Christmas too. Maybe you'll have more luck on the eve of All Hallows Day'?

"I mean, I get that you can't deliver presents to Edmund directly because he's with the witch that's strong enough to keep you out, but it's not like we couldn't bring them to him."

Father Christmas was silent, but he looked sternly at Susan.

"I suppose I could give him my healing thing," Lucy said. "We don't know how he might have been hurt."

Susan nodded. "I'll give him my horn. He clearly could have used help more than we did."


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