Friday, March 28, 2014

What I've been doing

This was kind of meant to go on in the "I'm back" post but I was sort of in a hurry when I wrote that because I wanted to notify people I got my computer back as soon as possible, but I also wanted to get to sleep.  So instead all that had was notification I was back, a correction about when the ides fall, and info on the bullshit at the University of Southern Maine.  I'll probably have more on calendars and USM in the near future.

Of course the entire time I was not posting I was thinking about posting.  This, unfortunately, did not yield as many posts that just need to be transferred to this computer as I would like.  The effects the concussion visited on me were on the milder side of what that kind of a head injury can cause --just drowsiness and headaches-- but they're also hell when it comes to composition.  Also very bad for not getting failing grades in differential equations.

But, anyway, one thing that did happen was that I thought about the post I'd make when I got back and at one point I thought I'd end up throwing in a line that I'd acquired a strange desire to make Kim Possible fanfiction in which Kim and Shego ended up together while Ron, who came out as a transwoman, started dating Bonnie who had become a much better person when no longer subject to constant abuse from her sisters and given time for self reflection.

Then my computer continued to fail to come back and do you know what you can do when you've got a computer with an intermittent internet connection and a keyboard that's missing keys and various other annoying things that prevent you from doing much on the internet or much typing?  You can go to web pages that consist only of text.  They load fast, and once they do it doesn't matter when your internet connection craps out because you've already got the text on your computer in your cache.  So by this time I've ended up reading a bunch of fan fiction and have seen no less than four different origin stories for the children of the Kim-Shego relationship.

So, yeah, random new fandom on my radar.

Of course a lot of what I've been doing is resting.  Much of my time has been spent horizontal or nearly so.  Concussion after effects.  They make me tired.

I've also been trying, and failing, to write original fiction for an open call so that maybe I can get additional published work into existence.  If I by some miracle manage to get so much as one thing done would very much appreciate people who can beta read very fast.  The number of typos and grammatical errors that sneak into my works is positively absurd, so pointing out those alone would be a huge help, but also things like, "You know this is a plot home you can drive a fully loaded 747 through, right?" or, "This part doesn't make a lot of sense/is hard to read," and whatnot would be good too.

Any volunteers for that?  Because if there are I need the beta reading to be as close to RIGHT NOW as I can finish off the story.  Seriously, days remaining before submissions close approaches zero (thankfully not there yet) so it would be best if I had people I could send things to for betaing before I finished a story so I could send it out when I finished a story and not a moment later.

I think there was other stuff but I'm not remembering it right now.


  1. Also very bad for not getting failing grades in differential equations.

    Yeah, concussions and schoolwork do not go well together. (I've been getting a lot of--thankfully second-hand--experience in that lately. My indifference to hockey has turned to discomfort.)

    Any volunteers for that?

    I do enjoy a game of Hunt the Typo, and I'm usually pretty good at it. Might manage some plot holes as well. I've only betaed once before, so I don't know how fast I am, but I'd be willing to see what I could do.

    1. I like the imagery conjured by Hunt the Typo. Like we get to sneak around with spears or dart guns through the linguistic underbrush... Although I have found it to be more like Don't Trip Over the Comma Splice...

  2. I'm the go-to person when my friends need their papers looked through, so I could help with that. Good luck with your writerly endeavors :)

  3. You're back. You're alive. That's good. Computer is also alive, that's good too.

    Can't offer my services as a beta reader, unfortunately. I might think in English time after time, but it still isn't my native language, I might not catch typos and weird turns of phrase because I just won't realise there's anything wrong. (But if you ever need a Russian translation/correction, I'm here.)

    --- Redcrow

  4. Can beta read if I'm in time. You still have my email I think.

  5. I don't really want to read fanfic, but if anyone's looking for episodes of Kim Possible, almost all of them have been put officially onto Youtube by Disney Animation!

  6. For the disability due to temporary effects of concussion while a student, you shud be able to demand a medical waiver until you cogitive & brain endurance are back to normal... have doc wtite u a letter on letterhead, then bring in the ADA if they want to fail you while your concussive effects were not yet recovered. For healing gradually bCk to former cognitive &energy robustness, you may need extra sleep for a wvhile. The brain heals & washes itself (i kid you not) nightly. Some people neef only 5 and some need 9 hours, when not healing. Society is workaholic & doesnt respect healing rest but its CRUCIAL. especially for brain metabolism & braon healing. And some people have innate sleep difficulltiez with sufficient deep sleep & enuf of the sleep cycles. Chronic sleep lack causes depression as well as other cognitive & health issues. No joke. Sleep study really worth it, and not a cheap kaiser one either. Ironically any SSRI's precribed for dpression are very dangerous & counterproductive; vastly increase worsening depression... but hey, its a billion buck business & they have things marketslamted to so obedient consumers take them and dont read about it much. Look it up!! Certain nutrional approaches have vastly better effect overall. Sleep for healing brain.

    1. Not so much thanks for the scare tactics about BIG PHARMA. Def. one of the cases where it's More Complicated Than That.

      Sleep is extremely important. And so is nutrition, and excercise and contact with nature and...stuff. That doesn't mean drugs aren't a big part of mental health management for lots of people.

      (Not to get into the "this may not be the best treatment, but it's the best one Medicaid covers," aspect...)

    2. Thanks, anon. (For the concussion stuff.)

      I had thought that, too, and I don't really understand why her dr. didn't write a note for the college at the follow up appt.