Monday, March 31, 2014

Something I've noticed (of slugs and slug cases) (image)

Maybe this is just me, but for me it seems to work like this:

For those who can't read my writing:
Slug = disgusting, ick, kill it with fire
Slug Case =  Pretty!
Slug + Slug Case = Snail.  Acceptable as long as the slimy bits don't touch me.


  1. Yeah, pretty overcomes ick. I think the way people react to snails depends a lot on context (e.g. whether the slimy bits are poking out).

    We have some lovely snailshells round here. Also some weirdly-coloured and beautiful slugs. They all want to eat my garden, though.

  2. Garden eating is a problem, yeah. When they're not eating my garden, I like slugs. They have such cute widdle eyestalks, plus it's neat watching them leave a trail.

    I once read in a kids' science magazine that some weirdly-coloured slugs are normal-coloured slugs with weirdly-coloured parasites showing through. The parasites' colouration is a form of anti-camouflage, trying to get themselves eaten by their primary (avian, I think) hosts. I don't remember which areas they said the parasites lived in. (I've never seen any weirdly-coloured slugs myself.)

  3. Draw a nudibranch!


  4. Not everyone thinks slugs are ick. Somewhere in the family photos, there's one of me holding a couple of giant slugs (banana slugs?) in the Oregon rainforest. Well, holding isn't quite the right word, but they're sitting on my hands.

  5. Too true, sadly. Reminds me, U wanna see something astonishing look up video of common eastern slugs mating. No sh--! Irridescent twining frills.