Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Uh . . . Sunset in the Land of Typos and their Ilk metapost

The story's already written, I figured I'd give it a bit of polish, add a few notes, and have it all over here by then end of the day.  That, clearly, hasn't happened.

I huge part of that is that I forgot to take my meds (have since I remembered and then took them, so there's no harm that will last into tomorrow) and when I do that I have a very hard time stopping whatever I happen to be doing and moving on to what's next.

The few notes became something rather larger, more like the commentary track on a laserdisk / DVD / Bluray.  Annnd possibly like a bonus material where instead of an interview they just told the person "Talk about whatever.  No, there's no restrictions on length."  (If you really want to see that taken to it's tangential fullest, read the whole thing, expandable sections included, pertaining to the word "crazy" in the Chapter 2 notes.  That was supposed to be a bullet point.  One.)

I thought that I'd be able to at least get Chapter 3 posted before I had to stop for bed but . . . not so much.

For now:

Index page, with cover image, short description, and not much else.

First chapter, which establishes the premise and parodies one dimensional characterization (for a very "low-sophistication, high-mocking" version of the word "parodies".)

Second chapter, which contains a (higher level, thus less immediate) look at the premise in action, and the protagonist talking to someone about how that's been effecting them

And... that's it for now.


Last second addition.  The index page description here originally said "cover mage", and dealing with that cover mage is . . . not what the story's about.

Being worn down by constant creation of things like that cover mage is what the story's about.  Also: the desire to fix the problem at its root instead of being stuck dealing with symptoms (metaphor swap!), the cover mage being a symptom instead of the root.


Oh, also a question that probably won't be seen by the right people:

How is the text size for you?  The current standard was set because of the particulars of one reader's device what was, I believe, years ago.  That, and the fact that, when asked, no one said they had a problem with with the change to the current size.

If things are different now, maybe it should be changed again.  Or maybe it's fine.  Input?

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