Wednesday, June 5, 2019


[This was originally going to be a comment in the  open thread at Ana Mardoll's Ramblings.]
[It may or may not be the case that it reflects the fact it wasn't intended to be a full post.]
[This is what's been going on of late.]

I am so very extremely sick right now.  In two different ways.  I'm not sure that the sinus infection I mentioned two weeks ago [in the then-current open thread at Ana's] ever went away.  I think it didn't.  I think that it just got less bad, and I thought that meant it was going away, and thus never actually made a trip to any doctor about it.

If the above is correct, it reasserted itself like whoa this passed weekend.  If it isn't, then Sinus Infection: The Sequel is way worse than the original.

On Saturday night, it decided to ask for company.  No idea how it managed it (I haven't been around anyone who could plausibly have given me this sickness) but into my life was introduced some kind of evil gastrointestinal thing.

I'm not going to talk about the gastrointestinal thing beyond noting that amoungst its symptoms is abdominal pain that's had me crying out in incoherent non-words.  The reason that I'm not going to say anything else is that gastrointestinal == ick in a way that, say, muscle aches or fatigue really don't.

So, on to the rest.

No fever (I'm not dying of influenza, woo!) but a lot of flu symptoms can and will show up in other conditions.  Fatigue, weakness, headaches like I've never known (I thought Migraines were the giant scary monarch of headaches, but it turns out sinus headaches are worse, by leaps and bounds no less), and oh so very much muscle aching.

On that last point, from Monday evening through Tuesday noonish (times are approximate in that I wasn't keeping track, and so am sort of guessing) my everything hurt.  It's possible that some little used muscle somewhere didn't hurt and I just didn't notice the lack of pain (it would be like a "meh" needle in a pain haystack), but even if that were true, the muscles around it must necessarily have been aching because there was definitely no part of me that wasn't aching

And, of course, it wasn't just little aches.  I'm aching today, but wasn't planning on mentioning it because it's not an all-consuming kind of pain.

This has, naturally, completely disrupted my sleep.  In particular, the sinus headache medicine lasts for four hours, which is not, in fact, how long I prefer to remain asleep.  The rest obviously doesn't help either.

Yesterday, I got a ride to a walk-in medical place.  They mostly told me what I expected them to tell me, but I wasn't actually going there for information.  I was going there in hopes that they'd give me antibiotics for my sinus infection.  They did.

That was too late in the day to actually pick up the prescription, so I started this morning.  Two pills down and 19 to go.  (Three daily for a week.)

So, that's life right now.  It sucks, but it should improve.

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