Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The shape of things to come, one hopes.

No secret that I haven't been on top of things lately.  As an example: last night my depression got bad in a way that it hasn't in so long I don't remember.  Spent a lot of time laying down, crying, and hiding from the light.

Finance problems are scaring me.  Until my debt is gone I'll never be completely on top of things, but at the moment I'm not even in the same vicinity as on top of things.  The internet thing isn't close to being resolved.  In spite of it looking like my service was suspended because I was behind on my my bills, my account has been closed outright.  So I need a new account, probably with a provider that doesn't close my account without telling me.  (And the money spent to get up to date would have been better allocated to paying other bills I'm behind on, but it's too late for that.)

Inspiration hasn't exactly been striking.


Still, I have something that kind of, sort of, vaguely resembles a plan:

This part is the same as it's always been:
 • I'm going to try to get back to the myriad things that have been left to languish.  From transformative work like Edith and Ben, Skewed Slightly to the Left, and the various Kim Possible stuff, to original work like The Princess Story, the super hero verse, four realms, Ash, and such.

That's been the plan for ages.  I think we all know how well it's gone.  Which is why there are other parts of the plan.

• Other than Stumbling Toward Redemption, which is still stuck at just the one chapter, I've been left with impression that no one here is interested in My Little Pony or Equestria Girls stuff.  That's understandable as Stumbling is most definitely way better than anything else I've done in that arena.

There are places elsewhere on the internet, though, where there are those who want infinite variations on Equestria Girls stories that was lackluster in the first place.  That's encouraging and I've written some stuff in such places.  I should probably port it over here even though I worry about driving away the three people who still read my stuff here.  (In part because it really is infinite variations on the same thing.  Mostly the 2013 Equestria Girls Holiday Special.)

• The various changes made to blogger over the years have left the formatting on a lot of the old posts downright atrocious.  I need to go through them and fix that, and so long as I'm doing that I can do two things.  One is the years overdue overhaul of the indexes and navigation.

Another is that as as I fix the formatting and such, I can call your attention to the older posts and maybe you'll find something which you like and haven't seen before.

• If one takes a look at my wishlist it will be quickly noticed that every other thing is a lego set.  I like legos, I like building, and I've been considering doing a posts about that.

• I used to do more posts concerned with photography and image manipulation and I can do that again.

• I feel like that wasn't it, but I have no idea what else I might have been thinking.


• Right, I want to reboot my decons.  I was actually looking at the first episode of Kim Possible again immediately before I started writing this.

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