Sunday, August 14, 2016

Random Werewolf Thought

"Does it ever bother you that we follow 'traditional' pack dynamics, having an alpha and all that?"

"Why would it bother me?"

"Well, that's all based on wolves in captivity, wolves in the wild are nothing like that."


"Yeah, free wolves don't do the whole alpha beta omega stuff."

"So you're saying ..."

"We act like caged beasts."


  1. "Much more of a problem that we follow canine behaviour patterns when we're sapient creatures. I mean, even the humans are starting to get away from the monkey pack as their primary social model."

  2. Though now they can throw the ball themselves to play fetch! =)

  3. Free wolves organize themselves in family groups. How often, outside of the World of Darkness, do you see werewolf packs composed of family members?