Saturday, May 16, 2015

Picture of a Bee (Image post, obviously)

So, after posting the image for the open thread at Ana's I mentioned that in addition to not wanting to include a potential phobia in the open thread image, the bee was also hard to get a good shot of because it wouldn't stay in one place long enough for me to finagle the camera's auto focus into focusing on the right thing. (It's not exactly a top of the line camera, I don't even think it has a manual focus.  I remember when auto focus cost more and manual focus came standard, how things change.)

Anyway, I looked through the pictures again and I noticed this:

Now that's scaled down a lot because I take huge pictures.  (Why?  Because you can always scale down later but you can't scale up if you took something in crap resolution.)

This still isn't full resolution because I keep things reasonable sized for the blog, but look at the detail on those wings:

So, apparently I did manage to focus on the bee successfully at least once after all.


  1. Nice!

    Regarding resolution: I think I've only heard of two real advantages to lowering resolution on digital cameras: one, photos take up less memory, and two, the shutter speed is faster. It doesn't look like either of those was a problem here.

  2. That's a lovely bumblebee and a lovely picture. And now I have scale for the flowers, which are bigger than I was originally imagining!