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Kim Possible: Episode by Episode - Index

The original idea was to take the show Kim Possible and look at it one episode per post but starting with the second episode I slowed down to half an episode per post.  (The movies were designed to be split into three episodes each so that's how I'll approach them.)  That works out to looking at Kim Possible about a eleven minutes at a time.

It isn't exactly a close reading, because a lot can happen in those eleven minutes, but it's a lot slower than just trying to sum up an entire series in one go (e.g."True love defeats Issac Newton's fate machine," bonus points to the first person to name the series.)

The point of this is twofold, one is just to do it because people expressed an interest.  The other is to do it because I actually have a lot of ideas for Kim Possible fic, right now I'm already doing four*, and it's probably the case that many readers here don't know that much about the show.  This will, hopefully, serve as a way to get to know the show better if you so desire.

One of the things that has to be said at the outset is that I tend describe things with a very critical eye, so remember that for every flaw I point out, I'm still talking about something I like.

I'll be taking things in a slightly modified production order.  When those modifications come up, I'll explain why they're there.


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* In order of creation:
  • Being more than Simulacrum - Less than a year After The Series (ATS), Shego creates a clone of Kim and won't say why, but neither will she lie to the clone.  In accordance with fictional cloning regulation 23a, the clone has all of Kim's memories.  The story follows the clone as she tries to create a life of her own.
  • Forgotten Seeds - 500 years ATS a handful of people (including four characters from the show) wake up in a lunar cryo prison to find that the other prisoners are all dead and there's no evidence that humanity, outside of themselves, still exists.
  • Bent, not Broken - Ten years ATS Kim has lost everything and is out for something.  She isn't really sure if that something is justice or vengeance.
  • Life After - In 2029 a villain changes 2004 causing a crossing between life and the afterlife.  In 2004 Kim has disappeared forcing her friends to step up in the face of a cataclysm.  In 2029 Shin, Kim's daughter, and her nemesis work together to survive in a hostile world where they were never born.

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