Monday, March 11, 2013

Well... fuck.

So I mentioned that applied for the "Maymester in Greece," and that I was tying a lot of my hopes to this.  Not to mention a fair degree of my extremely hard to come by motivation.

Now it looks like it might not happen.  The problem isn't Greece.  Greece is fine and safe and all is ok on that front.  The problem is that people think Greece is unsafe, and, also, people are poor.  Stock indices aside the economy has not rebounded.  Also it's never completely clear how well the credits will transfer until the credits transfer or don't (this is Harvard we're talking about, nothing is ever easy) so that scares people off.

If not enough people sign up, no Greece.  Right now number of people signed up is apparently equal to about four.  Which explains why I have heard neither, "You're rejected," nor, "You're accepted, give us a $500 down payment."

So if you know anyone who can get the money in time (about $4,000 US plus airfare) and wants to go to Greece with a great teacher on a trip-course backed by Harvard, point them at this site tell them to ignore the fact that the deadline for an application is passed and just to email the people saying they're interested (and probably fill out the application too) and maybe it can be saved.

More likely you don't know any such people, and not enough will sign up to justify the trip/course in the eyes of whoever is in charge and thus hopes and dreams shattered on the rocks.

Hence the title.

[Added:] And it's been cancelled.

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  1. I'm really sorry to hear that. I will try signal boosting this around, but I don't know of knowing any good prospects.

    Do you have any other choices of things to be motivated about?