Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day

Do you live in Are you a citizen of the US?  Have you voted yet?

If you answered, "Yes," to question 1, and, "No," to question 2 then go out and vote today.  Unless you're too young to vote or something.

If you can vote in the US, and you have not yet.  Vote.  For the love of whatever it is you love, vote.

If it is within your ability to help others vote (it's not within mine, certain things involving interactions with others, especially strangers, are simply outside of my range of possibility) then help them vote.

Completely serious here, this is important, vote.


[The edit was because what I originally said sort of... completely ignored every US citizen living overseas.]


  1. Do you live in the US? Have you voted yet?

    The issue is citizenship, not residency. The only place I can vote is a place I don't live. (I actually mailed the request for an American ballot and the confirmation that I am not eligible to vote in Canada at the same time. Though I'm not sure if the Canadians even still cared, as I was actually supposed to send it in July. It got lost and it wasn't a high priority to find it, since in the absence of a "yes, I can vote, sign me up" they'd assume "no".)