Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's a bracelet now.

Yesterday, in a class on Homer's Odyssey and Joyce's Ulysses questions came up about the definitions and uses of certain words being at a computer I looked them up (for example Joyce's use of livid seems to be completely appropriate but at this point in time the then-informal meaning has become the primary meaning which means that someone reading it would likely think it meant the opposite of what he meant by it) and shared them with the class.  Teacher didn't seem to mind, class didn't seem to mind, someone who doesn't like me for reasons that I have been unable to determine* fired off an elastic at me.  Green.  Hit me in the leg.

It's a bracelet now.

* One woman who has known her for years says that she seems to define herself via her arch-nemesis of the moment and I seem to have been the unlucky pick this semester.

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