Thursday, May 4, 2017

Help me I am a hostage and they demand pizza

Or at least that's what I have been asked to post.

Anyway, I'm officially, unofficially, and in all other ways broke.

Good things have happened, but in light of the new developments I'm staying away from home longer than planned which fucking sucks, that's the hostage bit.

Specifically I'm staying until the good things that have happened become official.

Anyway, pizza.

My sister wanted to celebrate by getting something "hot" to eat with the example being pizza.  Note the fact that I am completely broke.

The example of Pizza was reiterated repeatedly.

When my sister was double checking that we really have to wait until tomorrow for the good things that happened to become official she referred to me needing to be here (lest the family be legally forced to break up) as holding me hostage, and noted that I don't like being held hostage.  (This is true.)

And that's when the pizza became a demand of my captors.

So, I am being held hostage and my captors demand pizza.

If you send enough money for pizza to my paypal account (donate button in upper right hand corner or using my email address, cpw [at] maine [dot] rr [dot] com, with the send money feature in your own paypal account) I can use my debit card to buy pizza.

Thus: Help me!  I am a hostage, and they demand pizza.