Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Things I've been thinking of doing

In the past week two weeks I've had all of one post.  There are reasons for that, but it's still not how I like a week to go.  Especially since the post in question was me asking a question.

So here are things I've been thinking of, to fill the space until I have something else to post here.  Presented in no particular order, mostly as they pop into my head.

- - -

Returning to the deconstructions (.hack//SIGN, Deus Ex, Kim Possible) by starting over from the beginning.  In some cases it'll just mean a post with fewer typos.  In others it might be more akin to rebuilding from the ground up while occasionally glancing at the original.

That way when it comes time to cover new territory I won't feel like I'm jumping into the middle of something with no sense of the beginning

Pretty straightforward.

- - -

Making a god damn fucking left handed gaming mouse.

Gaming mice are a brilliant idea because it's positively absurd to tie up one hand with something that has two to three buttons and, maybe, a scroll wheel.  The same fingers we use to hit half of the keys while typing are assumed to be incapable of doing anything other than pressing down on the thing they happen to be resting on when using a mouse. (And not even all of them.  A mouse with a pinky button is a rare mouse indeed.)

Though more egrigious than the "fingers are useless" attitude toward traditional mouse design is ignoring the thumb.  Since a mouse picks the hand up off of the surface, the thumb is comfortably positioned to be used as a thumb in a way that it isn't when it's on the keyboard.

It isn't uncommon to have twelve thumb buttons because it's a thumb, a mouse naturally puts it in a position to make use of that fact, and it would be downright stupid to leave this absurdly agile thing with nothing to do.

But, alas, gaming mice all seem to be made with the assumption that gamers are 100% right handed.

The lazy solution, and thus a good place to start, would be to rip apart (ok, actually there would be screwdrivers involved) a right handed gaming mouse and build a custom exterior.

In that case the workload is basically reduced to a craft project.  (Though there's some complexity regarding the thumb panel if it isn't vertically symmetrical.)

I've never done a craft project on here.  Maybe it would be of interest to someone.

- - -

Also on the "I've never done it here" front, I've long thought of taking my Official Star Trek Cooking Manual (by Mary Ann Piccard and published in 1978, accept no imitations) and just going through it and, one at a time obviously, making everything.  I love the sandwich of Kirk's that the tribbles ate, and my sister and I used to beg my mother to make the Vulcan apple omelets that, for some reason, everyone in the house mistakenly thought were pancakes.

Outside of those two dishes, and Romulan tangerine lamps (come for the pretty pictures, stay for the Hungarian grammar lesson in the comments), I haven't exactly utilized the cookbook to it's fullest potential.

I also need to get into the habit of cooking more.  Well, that used to be the case, now I need to get into the habit of cooking at all because I've devolved into a creature that can't prepare food beyond: "Put in microwave or oven for X minutes."

This definitely isn't a cooking blog, but maybe writing about it would . . . I'm repeating myself: be of interest to someone.

- - -

More movie posts.  Lonespark and I should do more things like Them or Jane Got A Gun, but it's not like I can't do movie posts on my own.  Anyone remember The Scorpion King 3: Journey Beyond Anachronism?

- - -

Obviously I want to be able to write fiction, and have had various posts with long lists of things to get back to.

Then again there are new things too.  For example, I'd like to do more of the story of the de-petrification of Ge by Des (characters have appeared in "Not Broken" and "Conversation's on Des' demon") because it's a more involved process than "I say magic words and poof: you're flesh and bone again" and because both that and the severely dysfunctional team they belong to are things I've put a fair amount of thought into.

- - -

Going back to experimenting with images.

Going back to experimenting with language.

- - -

It's been a long time since I last did something worthy of note in the arena, but I used to make puzzles.

Here's one:

That one is currently at on the top of my record shelf.  Yes, I have a record shelf.  I'm not even totally sure I have a record player anymore, but I've got a record shelf.

The popular music records were in milk crates that, I think, ended up with my dad, but if you want sonatas and concertos and the "Great Men of Music" series then that's all on the record shelf.  So no Beatles, Hendrix, or Dylan, but a lot of stuff that involves a dead composer, a conductor, and an orchestra.

Anyway, record shelf aside, it has been too long since I've made a puzzle.

- - -

I've thought about sharing photos I've taken (wouldn't know which ones to share, though), and I've wanted to get back into making photos taken from multiple angles into three dimensional point clouds and, perhaps, models.

- - -

It seems likely that there was plenty of other stuff too, but I actually forgot about this post for a while so I have no idea what was on my mind.


  1. I sam imagining that you could start with making a fancy game die. Then roll your beautiful new die to pick which project to pursue next.

  2. Razer make left-handed gaming mice, and some are ambidextrous. 3d-printing a shell seems like a good start; do you have a nearby maker/hackspace?

    1. It's interesting, if I search google for their left handed mice, it comes up instantly and I even find that they're proud of making the first ever left handed gaming mouse. I would have never guessed based on browsing their site, though. There just doesn't seem to be any indication that left handed ones exist unless you know that they do and run a search, at which point the results are way worse than google.

      Actually, I had looked at the website several times and reached the conclusion that they didn't have any. Ambidextrous offerings are easy to find, if lackluster in my eyes, but even knowing they exist I'm not sure how you're supposed to find the left handed versions.