Sunday, September 28, 2014

No internet

I don't fully understand the way my internet bill works.  I think it might be that I only have to pay every six months.  However it works, I always intend to pay it monthly and always seem to forget to do that meaning that instead of a nicely distributed expense it all hits me at once.

Before now that hasn't been a problem but this month is the month of too many expenses.  So, as I was scrambling to pay the absolutely vital things, internet did not get paid for.  And so they cut my service.

I'm not totally sure what happens now.  I definitely can't pay the bill until next month, but next month isn't that far away.  What concerns me is that looking at the bill makes me think that maybe they cancelled my contract with them when I missed my payment.  If that's the case then I don't just have to pay off the hundreds of dollars I owe.  After I've done that I'll have to get internet service starting from scratch.  That can be slower than one would like, but that's not what bothers me.  It's not uncommon for an internet service provider to want a new customer to pay for the first few months up front.  I won't have enough money to do that next month.  I might not have money to do that the month after.

Right now I'm in a library and covered in sweat because getting online meant walking to another city for free internet.

I can't precisely say what this will mean in terms of the blog, but I assume it will mean that I'll be posting less than normal.


As a last thing, thank you people who sent donations my way.  Things aren't good, but things would be a lot worse without the help that I did get.

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  1. Oh no! Can you get clarification from them? Maybe set up a monthly payment scheme or something?
    Good luck either way, you sound like you could use some.