Thursday, July 31, 2014

(Image post) I'm magic

Still don't have my computer back and fixed, not planning on doing much new stuff until my computer is back, but I wanted something other than the "Let's harass Shakesville and Ana Mardoll's Ramblings," site as the most recent post.  So it goes like this:

Toward the end of last week I found a piece of rebar on the street.  Being me, I picked it up.  I quickly found that it's length, radius, and general heft made it an ideal wand.

Clearly this was not a random thing discarded and forgotten owing to recent roadwork, it was destiny.  Ok, that's absurd.  It was a random thing.  But the wand implied a hair style and thus this picture:

Absolute proof that I and my fashion sense are magic.


  1. The wand chooses the wizard, you know.

  2. That is indeed perfectly wand-shaped. And that's a very spiffy wig (it is a wig?), goes well with the skirt.

    1. It is a wig. First time I had occasion to use it.