Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ugh, money.

So I forgot to do the regular reminder that I have a donate button and I love when people use it this month, but I also figured that didn't matter much because the major money hump was over and things should be relatively good until I have to factor in tuition and whatnot.

What I'd not exactly forgotten about but more lost track of was that a while back, a little over six months it would appear, I used credit to punt the need to pay a bunch of money into the future.  The way it works is that if you pay in full within a certain period then it's done, but if you don't then interest is retroactively charged from the starting date.  Which means that if I don't pay what remains (which appears to be most of it even though I could have sworn I made payments that should have gone toward it) by Sunday, retroactive usury will attack me.

Given that what remains is $1,351.29 I'm guessing I'll be attacked by retroactive usury.  Which isn't actually as bad as I at first thought it was, remember that only six months have passed and interest rates are annual.  That said, it's still bad.

So, yeah.

And then donations come into my thinking.  It's easy to let such thoughts dominate one's thoughts.  Is there one person who might donate $1,000 out there?  Are there ten who would donate $100?  Are there 100 who would donate $10?  Each of those alone would basically solve the problem, and it's easy to fall down the rabbit hole of thinking what would be needed (well if there are two people willing to pay $200 and three people willing to pay $100, and five people willing to pay $20...)

But the dwelling on the matter doesn't stop there because then there's the question of getting within range.  The day it needs to be paid by in order to avoid interest is the same day I get money for the month and via the magic of semi-instant online banking I think I could pay, say, half of it by Sunday but that would leave me with nothing to pay the expenses of the next month with.  So ... um.  If I took that leap I'd basically be counting on people to donate because without them I couldn't pay the bills.  But the bills for that month aren't that much so ... thinking about the situation is like a black hole, it sucks up brainpower and thinking time that could be better spent elsewhere.

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