Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Some stuff you might want to look at

I wanted to have something . . . welcoming, I guess, for the people who have been pointed in this direction by Ana Mardoll.  All of my navigational aids are way out of date, I've been meaning to overhall everything for at least three years.  So, not so much as a "best of" but more of a "This might interest you."  (Maybe.  Possibly.  Or not.)

I actually wrote a post for Ana's Twilight decon once.  It's at her site here, and at Stealing Commas here.

Ana herself was pointing people to my rewrite of the punishment of Rabadash in The Horse and His Boy.  That was originally posted as a comment at her site, but since the entire purpose of Stealing Commas is to be a storehouse of my writings, it is now also a post here.


My earliest writings related to Ana's deconstructions were in response to he Twilight decon, specifically the van scene.

The comments to that post are sadly, and extremely, broken.   I haven't actually talked to Ana about this, but a project that I've been thinking of doing (well, offering to do) for a long time is going through the old posts with broken comment threads, sorting them out, and converting them to html that could be appended to the end of the post in question so that new readers can see what was actually said, in the proper order, and without duplication.  With decent formatting too.

I wrote four versions of alternate van scenes.  Probably the one that I'm most proud of is the physics version, which takes the impossibilities and runs with them.  Two others were more important.  One spawned Snarky Twilight, the other spawned Edith and Ben.  Being completely unbiased in all possible ways, I think my Edith Cullen is way better than Meyer's Edith Cullen (who was a late comer to the Edith scene anyway.)

While the physics version is my favorite van scene, Edith and Ben has to be the Twilight rewrite I'm most proud of with Snarky Twilight in a close second.


My own attempts at doing decons were stalled out by my depression, but there are some highlights that might be worth reading.  For example you can look at the post Why .hack//Sign matters.

You can read what little of Kim Possible I covered here, though the quality is variable at best.


I recently had cause to dig up this post, with important addendum, about cis people refusing to be called cis.  The two were eventually merged into a single unified whole at the Slacktiverse.

People once said that this post on (my) depression was helpful to them in some way or other.  If you do read it, things to know:
  1. We found a medication that works for me.  Well . . . apparently it just mostly works.  Recent testing has me pegged as still depressed, but considering the baseline I have to judge from it seems great to me.
  2. I graduated, I am officially a low level classicist.  (And mathematician.  I've got a bachelor's degree in each.)  So all the stuff about school is in the past.

So, you've just been turned into a zombie.

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