Monday, March 5, 2018

Hugely important meta post

I'm coming to you over a Dunkin Donuts free wifi because my internet is out.  This has led to me discovering that I can't log into my account with the provider which means I don't know why my internet is out.

In spite of the fact that logging into the account gives access to no confidential information whatsoever, and the worst someone breaking in could possibly do is pay my bill with their own money, if the password isn't changed within the prescribed amount of time the account becomes inaccessible.  This being an account that I use only once every several months because it's only useful for paying the bill and the bill is structured so that you make one payment for several months of service.

It is possible, even likely, that in the hectic efforts to keep my house from becoming unlivable I forgot to pay the bill, became delinquent, and got my service yanked.  There are other possible explanations too.  I can't find out because I can't get back in.  In theory it should be easy to update the password, but the security question answers aren't working. It's possible that this is because of some character restrictions (compare "one two three" "one_two_three" "OneTwoThree" and so forth.  Sometimes knowing the answer isn't enough) which I wouldn't know because it doesn't tell me what the problems are.

And the questions would have been made over a decade ago, because: fuck.


Anyway, here's why it's hugely important.  I have no idea when I'll have internet again.  Even if I manage to get into the account, if it turns out to be a matter of having missed bills then I'm kind of fucked because I don't have money.

As mentioned elsewhere, all of the oil bullshit left me about $900 behind on other bills.  The good news is that unlike oil there's not set deadline when if I don't have it everything goes to hell and I lose my house.  The bad news is that sometimes not knowing is more stressful.

There comes a point where I stop getting slack and am forced out of my house.  I never know when that point is on these kinds of bills.  At least the oil is pretty straightforward.  The oil runs out, it takes about two nights in a row for the boiler to freeze and break and destroy itself.  If that happens its over.

When your landlord is your family, how long before you get kicked out?  I know that my mom's boyfriend is pushing hard and always for her to kick me out and sell the house even when I'm completely on time.  Now I'm late, and not just a day or two, with about nine hundred dollars.  When does she conclude I can't pay ever and give in?


Best case, in a day or two I make a post saying that it was a problem with my router or some such, and everything's good.

Worst case it turns out I was behind on my bills, I can't pay them, I don't have internet in the foreseeable future, all future posts are from Dunkin Donuts or other places with free wi-fi, and that means I never have an interesting post in that same forseeable future.


Really short version: this place might go dark and not light up again for a long time.

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