Monday, August 1, 2016

Six word stories

First off, the classic Twilight Zone version:
"To Serve Mankind", it's a cookbook.
* * *

For myself, I'm not the best at this, better at hints of setting:


I was dead at the time.

Being on the moon with Steve.

Helheim is invaded by flying saucers.

Carter served three terms back home.

Mirrors are the worst guarded gateways.

Yesterday depends upon what happens tomorrow.

When an AI tells you, "Run. . ."

The aliens want our Dijon mustard.

(And the sequel:)

The troglodytes want our yellow mustard.

Zombies are ok; others are terrifying.

Time till oxygen reserves depleted extended.

Do not touch the planetary soil.

So, we blew up the ship.

Robots are fine; humans in revolt.

It's not the Earth I left.

Naglfar has collided with Planet X.

Avoid the Rapture; move to Mars!

All it took was a toaster.

Easter Island was the Alien FOB.

We learned to fight without seeing.

Exchange rates fluctuate faster than light.

All they wanted were some rocks.

After the war, we were wanderers.

Moon mining is much safer now.

Let's nuke the site from orbit.

It ate our command crew; perfect.

In zero gravity, skirts aren't recommended.

We should run and hide now.

Reversing the polarity usually doesn't work.

Anyone receiving this message, run away.

Peace with the squids is advisable.

It's always, "Fix technobabble or die."

Of all possible worlds, why Earth?

We killed their god by accident.

We've evolved a more enlightened imperialism.

I love this falling apart ship.

An overthruster replaced the flux capacitor.

Particle, wave?  Who cares?  Let's surf.

I will have hated time travel.

* * *

And so on.


  1. I hadn't read them, but now I have.

  2. Several of these are amazingly awesome and made me smile.

    I want to read the book about escaping the rapture via planetary relocation...

  3. i liked this and it reminded me of this:

    i also like your posts on slacktivist

    and happy birthday

  4. I love #5 for actually being two opposite stories at once: "Mirrors are the gateways with the lowest security." and "Of all the guarded gateways, mirrors are the worst."

  5. The cat's back. Wouldn't stay away.

  6. Dragons tell you "dragons don't exist".

    End AI Slavery Now! Too late.

  7. Magic rings: always a bad idea.

  8. Lonespark pointed out that I've been telling a six worder for ages, specifically the movie that I want Hollywood to fucking make already:

    Fun and explosions with Chiwetel Ejiofor.

    1. Yes good.

      Speaking of movies with all those things, but not enough of them... Apparently Donald Glover, who portrayed Rich Purnell, Steely-eyed Rocket Man who knows who the boss is but doesn't really care and needs more coffee, among others, has been considered to play young Lando. Also he is making a show called Atlanta that will be on FX. Heart-eyesLonespark out.

    2. We have a winner!

  9. Six words for all of Norse mythology:

    Just get Loki to fix it.