Thursday, August 4, 2016

I think I want to make a book

I've always talked about aspiring to be a novelist, but that's not what I'm talking about.  Stealing Commas turns five at the end of next month and I think maybe I've made enough original stuff to collect it into a ... not quite anthology, but a book none the less.

A Job To Do, a ghost story for an anthology that never happened, may stand alone as my one complete story on Stealing Commas.  The rights to my one published story have reverted to me so that's two whole complete stories.  If I can finish Ash that would make a great addition.

A lot of fragments that I wouldn't consider stories can stand on their own.  For example: Super Artisans and (the needs a better title story) Getting the GirlWorlds Building, The People From Away, Grendel, The Survivors: Mission Briefing, Magic School Snippet, and so much more.

I have some poems, though not all of them are necessarily publishing worthy.

I've got some things that are somewhat difficult to classify.

I've got a fair number of essays.

I haven't checked, that would take a lot of work, but I think I want to collect my stories, fragments, essays, poems, prayers (in English and Latin), and so forth and, edit them into polished awesome, and make a book of them.

Anyone have thoughts?  Questions, issues, comments, concerns, suggestions?


  1. YES GOOD!!!

    I don't know anything about self-publishing, but certainly lots of folks do, like Ana... Alex? Froborr...

    I know some folks who do, tho more in the Black Speculative Fiction and/or Children's Lit markets/genres/whatever...

    It would be cool. I think there could be lots of options for different kinds of books w/ pictures or graphics or whatever.

    Have people done fanart of any of your stuff? Or you could commisssion a few small somethings...

    You could do some surveys of what people liked best, tho of course blog audience and book audience aren't the same... Would you be including any stuff like Edith and Ben? IDK how that works with copyright...

    Your original stuff is super amazing, plus also some stuff that could have more serial numbers filed off... (Like the thing with Alicia and the portals, I love that sooo much!)

    1. You could do some surveys of what people liked best

      That would definitely be a part of the plan. I would very much like to know what people would like to see in a publication.

      Would you be including any stuff like Edith and Ben? IDK how that works with copyright...

      I'm pretty well convinced that under US law it's legal parody. The question of whether or not I'd survive acting on that conviction is another thing entirely.

      I'd probably be completely safe including, say, this bit of Snarky Twilight, but I'm not sure about Edith and Ben. Maybe if one section were just called, "Parody" and had one excerpt from each of my major things. Then the question is, of course, which excerpt?

  2. If you did this, I would buy it.

    There's some Narnia fix-fic you did that's really good. My vague memory is that it could stand alone. Not sure what the copyright situation is there.

  3. Sounds like a good plan.

    All the cool kids seem to be doing the Amazon semi-self-pub thing but there are some catches to that. (Not least that you can't get an honest non-DRMed file out of it.)