Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Stuff and things and such (a meta post)

Thing the first:

I've finally actually gone with Ana's idea of posting Edith and Ben to my Patreon so that it will have content.  As I'm doing that I've been updating (spelling, punctuation, formatting, stuff) the Stealing Commas versions of the relevant posts as well.  As such these posts have, in theory, been brought into line with the current formatting standard for the blog* and checked for errors:
  • Ben's Intro -- Ben's equivalent of Bella's preface
    • posted October 7th, 2011
  • And so it begins -- From the very beginning to leaving for Forks
    • posted January 22nd, 2013
  • Summers by the Sea -- Why Ben hasn't been in Forks for three years
    • posted October 30th, 2011
I encourage anyone to and everyone to take a look.  If you have anything to say about the substance, please comment on the actual story's page.  If you catch some kind of error (spelling, grammar, formatting, attacking space monkeys) I'd prefer that be pointed out in the comments to this post, though it isn't required.

That out of the way,

Five years and four months later and I still haven't merged "Summers by the Sea" into "And so it begins".  For the post on Patreon I just cut and pasted "Summers by the Sea" in, but there's a reason I haven't done that here with a footnote saying that the three paragraphs in question were originally part of an earlier thing called "Summers by the Sea"

Keeping them separate, with a link saying "this other bit goes in this gap" is a way to know that I haven't done the editing for consistency of tone and whatnot that comes with merging two things, written years apart, into one.

I completely forgot that I hadn't done that work, but seeing today that "And so it begins" has that link in the middle of it made me remember.  So it's going to stay that way until I do that work.

Thing the second:

I really do want to write something new, but I'm having real troubles with composing anything, and it's entirely possible that when I do manage to write something it won't be the sort of thing anyone has ever come here in hopes of reading.

Moving stuff from Patreon has me thinking about my super-people 'verse a bunch.  I'm going to throw that into "Thing the third:".

I've been thinking a lot about math lately.

I've recently been considering writing about changes I would make to the world given the power to do so, probably divided into two series, one would be "When I rule the world" where I would go on about the things that excite everyone such as the tax code and social welfare programs, the other would be "When I am corporate overlord" which would be more about things implemented within the context of a business.

I have so fucking many works in progress.  Derivative and original.  I want to get back to all of them.

And yet . . .

And yet for all of this crap I could be writing, I'm having so much trouble committing actual words to any of it.  And that sucks

Thing the third:

Some super-person universe things:

I left off Corv's team with a story in progress, I made the prologue to a story of the de-petrification of the character Ge, and never got around to writing any regular parts of it.  (At first it's Des' story as she returns to her team and attempts to translate what she witnessed in the prologue into actually freeing Ge, once Ge is de-petrified it becomes both of their stories.)

There are also various things that are more isolated moments than story that I have in mind.  Like when Labdiela is worried because Heaven never offered courses on "How not to have your angelic strength break frail fragile humans during sex" and, after getting referred to her by Page, ends up talking to Des about such matters.  (Which lets me touch on anti-sex-demon bigotry in the Fractured Plain region of Hell.

And most of the heroes I've written in that universe are part of a particular subset of hero-teams that probably doesn't even encompass a majority.  Pent, who has appeared only in one work, which was so fragmentary the only thing anyone actually got out of it was that Seegserd served tea,, is the only A-lister I've written.

((Though those like Des' team have a different definition of A-list which would place Corv and her team on it.))

Charles would have been an A-lister, would have been the A-lister, but he predates any and all such lists.

Thing the fourth:

I am almost entirely sure there was supposed to be something here because I seem to recall planning on having three things back before I knew I'd write enough about the super 'verse to split it off into its own thing instead of being a part of "Thing the second".

No idea what it would have been though.


* I am so tempted to go on a crusade to change the short form of "weblog" from the last four letters (blog) to the first four letters (webl) which would be pronounced "web-L or "webel" and thus not sound like someone trying to onomatopoeia a pre-vomit heave.

Yes, I do know that such a crusade would convince precisely zero people and thus serve no purpose, but "blog" just has this nasty sound that makes me think of the unpleasantness of acid reflux.

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