Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Monthly Finance Post

Apparently I haven't done one of these since November.  Not exactly the best at keeping things monthly.

That said, I've been airing my problems in other places so I'm sure you've all had your fill, more than your fill really, of my financial problems regardless.

In general I'm still getting less than I need each month to the point that I can't build up savings to pay for the non-monthly expenses, and even when donations would allow me to start building I'm trying to pay down my debt which is the only smart thing to do long term but makes it so that short and mid term still have the same problem of not being able to pay for non-monthly expenses.

Basically I'm operating as if I'm going to make it through the current tough times, without actually having a clear way to do it.  If I'm still here in a month, six months, a year, so forth, then I'll be glad I've been paying down the debt.  I'm not entirely sure how I'll manage to still be here.

That's generally.

Specifically I've needed to do something I'd never normally do: subsist on a lot of delivery.  That shit's expensive.  No real choice though.  I needed food where the preparation was entirely done for me.

So it should come as no surprise that I'm unprepared to pay the insurance on the house which is due on the 20th.

It gets worse when I add in that last month I wasn't exactly on top of things (something about breaking my fucking ankle in three places midway through the month) and I have to pay for the fallout from that this month.

In another post I worked out that these things together should be $474.58 or thereabouts.  Now I actually do have the money to pay for a solid one half of that (from patreon), but I can't get to it right now (it's a security thing) and I'm not completely sure that I will be able to before I need to pay the money.


So, here are numbers:

This month I need: $474.58

The single debt that it would be best to pay off in terms of getting rid of high interest: $1,359.47

The single debt that it would be easiest to pay off to get rid of a monthly payment: $473.64

Number of things that will eventually come around to bite me because they have defered interest that will be retroactively applied if not paid off in full in time: 3


There's also the question of what I'm doing while I wait to heal.  At the moment I'm still in a state of "must elevate ankle" but I'm hoping that will end (though I don't even get to try to walk for another four weeks regardless).  I meet with the surgeon for the follow up tomorrow.  I'm also hopeful that I can get back on my hormones because my moods fucked all to hell.

It's sort of like . . . depression lite.

Why am I talking about this in a finance post?  I'm really, really, really not in a position to buy any new games.  So if someone wanted to do something nice that involved money, but wasn't a direct donation, the option of buying me a game exists.  Hence the wishlists (linked to below.)

Right now I'm spending a lot of time on the floor with my foot on a chair playing games.  I'm currently playing through the Uncharted series (thank you Firedrake) and playing Dragon Quest Builders (thank you Ana.)

I would very much like to be able to add Kingdom Hearts to that list (the two things on the wishlist have 9ish games between them, ish because only six are playable with three being movie-type-things.)

Also, once I'm able to be upright for extended periods (sitting counts) I can use the only console I ever owned before this ordeal, which I often forget about because I've got all of one game for it (though I do highly recommend Splatoon), my Wii-U.

After reading genesistrine write about playing Breath of the Wild I really want to play that, it sounds like it was made to appeal to me, so I made a new wishlist and slapped it on that.  The idea for the new wishlist is things I can do once I'm no longer in "elevate to the exclusion of all else" territory.

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